Friday, 18 January 2013


Hello all! 

I hope you are all having a good evening and for those of you with snow I hope you are not having too much disruption to your normal routine.  It has been snowing here for most of the day but it is only just starting to stick on the roads and pavements.

I just hope I can get Conor to Karate in the morning as he is meant to be doing his next grading within the next few lessons so I really don't want him missing any due to the weather.  Which reminds me I still have to stitch a Karate Dog with a Yellow belt before he needs 2 Karate Dogs doing :-O

Laura and James have gone off to youth club to be leaders, which they do voluntary, and have taken Conor and Ryan with them so I'm sitting on my own whilst he other 3 kiddies are sleeping so I think I will get stuck into my Hedgehogs.

My progress so far 

Crossword hedgehogs

By Margaret Sherry

So fingers crossed that I can get this piece finished then I can get an exchange or two stitched up during the next week or so and do some study too.

Then ....

I can stitch my Joan Elliott Air Goddess Fairy!  I'm still waiting for Summer fairy fabric then I can get a move on with something for my little Cara :-)

I hope the snow does not trap too many of you in the house making you do nothing but stitch and craft all day long .... ooooo how terrible that would be!!  (not) lol

Enjoy your weekend all

Love me xxxx


  1. Looking cute already! I think you know I'm a fan of that design too ;) hehehehe
    Enjoy the weekend! Hugs&smiles

  2. Hello

    Your hedgehogs are looking really cute already!
    Happy weekend1

  3. Awe that is so cute! :) have a great weekend x

  4. Lovely hedgehogs! They are very cute.

  5. Isn't it great when you get some time to yourself just to stitch. Great progress on your hedgehogs.